To display the format settings, press  FORMAT or  2nd ZOOM . The default settings for FORMAT are as follows:


A.2.1.: RectGC  PolarGC    Sets cursor coordinates


RectGC  -  rectangular graphing coordinates

      RectGC and CoordOn  -  X and Y are displayed



PolarGC polar graphing coordinates

     PolarGC and CoordOn R and q are displayed




A.2.2.: GridOff  GridOn

     GridOff -  does not display grid points              GridOn displays grid points







A.2.3.: AxesOn AxesOff

    AxesOn displays the axes


            FORMAT                              GRAPH                             TRACE




    AxesOff does not display the axes. 


               FORMAT                               GRAPH                       TRACE




This setting is usually chosen if you would like to create a picture on your screen using a program. For example:  HAPPY  BIRTHDAY TO YOU. I will share the program  with you later!


This program was created with the following FORMAT settings: RectGC, CoordOff, GridOff, AxesOff, LabelOff, ExprOff.



A.2.4.: LabelOn  LabelOff displays labels for X and Y axes (or likewise r and q)

ExprOn   ExprOff  determines whether to display the  Y=expression when the trace cursor is activated.       

         FORMAT                               GRAPH                                 TRACE



  copyright 2004 Elisabeth Knowlton