Training for the Professional Educator

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About the Instructor and AIE




Adventures In Education (AIE) is an organization dedicated to the advancement of excellence in teaching and is approved by Portland State University as a cooperative agency. Our primary objective is to provide unique distance learning courses that enable professional educators to apply immediately the skills they acquire. The approach taken is new, unique, and extremely effective.


Elisabeth (Liz) Knowlton, the facilitator for all courses, is an adjunct faculty member at Portland State University, received her BS in Mathematics and MS in Mathematics with Emphasis in Statistics from Northern Illinois University, and her PHD in Education with Emphasis in Higher Education Leadership from Northcentral University. She has 25+ years of teaching experience at the college level and is an adjunct faculty at Benedictine University and Midwestern University. She also taught and attended continuing education workshops for elementary and secondary teachers in the Chicago area, taught Graduate Mathematics and Statistics courses, and presented at educational forums dedicated to improving mathematics instruction.  Over the years, she authored several books,  provided In-Service training for elementary and secondary teachers for school districts in the Chicago area and volunteered at the local grade school.

Other accomplishments: Passed Actuarial Exams 100, 110, and 120; Bilingual German/English; Actuarial Analyst for Allstate Reinsurance and Statistical Consultant for Abbott Laboratories.





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