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Detailed Workshop Description and Location Information:

Workshop #180:  Team Decision Making
 Grades: ALL

          Date:  Feb. 19, 26, and Mar. 5, 2003
Workshop Hours:  Tue:  4pm -9pm
Location:  Kane County Events Center,  33 W 848 Cherry Lane, Geneva, IL

            Facilitator: Anna Weselak  
Over 9 years of classroom experience 
             More than 8 years of experience as an adult educator 
             Faculty member of 4 colleges and universities
             Specialist in interpersonal relations and communication

            Objectives:  Discover your role in the team decision making process.  Improve the effectiveness of your
            team and find out how to make good decisions.   This 15-hour interactive workshop is intended for all
            educators who work in teams. In this course participants will learn to:

         Identify how educators approach teamwork.

         Clarify individual strengths and roles on a team.

         Build well-balanced teams whose members value the contributions of each other.

         Increase productive communication.

         Identify ways to reduce conflict and stress.

         Enhance motivation and self-esteem of team members.

         Discover an efficient and creative team process that can be used in a wide variety of situations.