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Teaching Mathematics Through Multiple Intelligences,

Grades: K-5

Quarter Graduate Credits: 2

Dates:  To be arranged with instructor.

Location:  Online Self-Paced

Fees:  $335 Tuition

Graduate Credit Fee (optional through Portland State University): $110 (PSU Course Number: CI 808).

Special Fee: NONE--free Online Course Workbook


Registration: Register anytime and take up to 3 months to complete the course from time of registration. 


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Description:  In this course teachers will learn how to use instructional games and activities to develop key concepts in major strands of mathematics. Teachers will also see immediately how easy it is to incorporate multiple intelligences into their lesson. A collection of field-tested activities offers teachers a powerful resource to develop lessons that initiate the primary intelligences of all students including special needs students and create effective patterns for classroom learning.
Sample topics include:


    Investigate Gardner's eight  Multiple Intelligences and how they are observable in the
mathematics classroom.

     Geometry that is touchy, feely and beautiful - experience activities in geometry through
        your senses.

     Tots and Probs - engage in new and exciting probability activities for your youngest students.

     Fruity Fractions and Happy Travel - experience fractions and ratios with these fun activities..

     Heartsongs and the Animal Kingdom - learn how to relate facts about animals to

        music. Integrate music into your classroom with other fun activities.

Magic and Science - discover what you can do with coins, beans and light to teach science

    Enrich instruction with real-life projects that address the needs of diverse students

        in the multicultural classroom.

     Experience cooperative problem solving through unique activities and teach your
        students to work together to solve mathematical problems.


     Deepen your students' understanding of number sense, computation and estimation,       

        measurements, patterns and number systems "life-learning" experiences.

Materials Needed: Course Workbook


Instructor:  Elisabeth Knowlton, PhD

Contact Instructor:

                                     or call 630-377-5035