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Explore Math Connections! A Curriculum for All Students of the Millennium,

Grades: 4-9


Quarter Graduate Credits: 2

Dates:  To be arranged with instructor.

Location:  Online Self-Paced

Fees:  $335 Tuition

Graduate Credit Fee (optional through Portland State University): $110 (PSU Course Number: CI 808).

Special Fee:  NONE--free Online Course Workbook


Registration: Register anytime and take up to 3 months to complete the course from time of registration. 


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Questions:  Send email to or call 630-377-5035


Description: Motivate and excite students with real-world activities you can immediately use in the classroom and align with NCTM Principles and Standards for School Mathematics and Common Core State Standards. Explore a rich assortment of hands-on and interdisciplinary activities that foster critical thinking and quantitative skills. Learn to develop activity-based lesson plans that motivate students with variable interests, experiences, and abilities. Offered cooperatively by Portland State University and Adventures in Education, Inc. Sample topics included:


     Renewing our Understanding of Fractions:  Lead students to a

        clearer understanding of fractions and ratios while calculating and

        problem solving.  apply reasoning processes and make conjectures by exploring

        various real-world activities.


     Hands-on Computation and Number Theory:  Learn to teach basic

        computational skills and number concepts with Palindromes, Prime Numbers

        and Fibonacci Sequences.
    Chopping Down The Factor Tree!  Help students wade through the confusion

       of factoring, LCM, and GCF while reinforcing the concepts of prime numbers and divisibility rules. 

     A hands-on Approach to Probability:  Deepen your students'

        understanding of probability by exploring simulations, games, and

        two-stage situations.


     Geometry Concepts:  Explore shapes, symmetry, reflections, rotations and      

        transformations to develop geometry concepts.

      Explore 3-Dimensional Shapes:  Learn to incorporate the creativity of design into

        assembly of a juice box. Learn to make concepts of area and volume come alive for

        your students using a variety of constructions.

   Real -World Applications of Algebra: Interpret data and statistics from graphs and charts.

        Use the line of best fit to make  Show your students the

        importance of algebra in their daily lives.

   Exciting Measurement and Discrete Math Activities:  Help your students

        understand important math concepts such as patterns, iterative and recursive

        conversions by engaging in various hands-on activities.

     The Key to Logical Thinking:  Learn how to create a learning environment which

        fosters stimulating and exciting activities and games.


Materials Needed: Course Workbook


Instructor:  Elisabeth Knowlton, PhD

Contact Instructor: 

                                     or call 630-377-5035