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Creative Math! A Hands-On Approach to Teaching Mathematics through the Standards. Grades: 5 to 12

Quarter Graduate Credits: 2

Dates:  To be arranged with instructor. 
Location:  Online Self-Paced
Fees:  $335 Tuition

Graduate Credit Fee (optional through Portland State University): $110 (PSU Course Number: CI 808).
Special Fee:  NONE--free Online Course Workbook

Registration: Register anytime and take up to 3 months to complete the course from time of registration. 


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Questions:  Send email to or call 630-377-5035


Description: Actively involve students while aligning your classroom to the new math standards. Bring NCTM Principles and Standards for School Mathematics and new Common Core State Standards into your classroom using real-life activities and projects. Develop activity-based lesson plans that match the learning goals identified by the math standards and integrate them across the curriculum. Engage in interesting real-world activities that can immediately be used in the classroom to teach all students. Offered cooperatively by Portland State University and Adventures in Education, Inc. Sample topics covered:

    Activities to Teach Number Sense:  Gain a better understanding of scientific notation, radicals, exponents and distance problems by engaging in various real-world activities.

    Hands-On Data Analysis and Probability:  Learn how to collect, analyze and interpret data, how to perform statistical analysis and probability computations, gain insight to the normal curve and simulate real-world situations.

    Pattern, Algebra and Functions:  Use the "Algebra Cat" and your calculator to examine various functions and their properties. Learn secrets about curve fitting, and trigonometry.

    Geometry Concepts:  Explore 2-D geometry with exciting problems involving symmetry, golden ratios and gnomonic growth.  Learn to make concepts of area and volume come alive using and discover a creative way to use the Pythagorean Theorem in space.

    Make Measurements and Discrete Math more meaningful:  Deepen your understanding of probability and counting, recursive formulas, matrices & graphs using real-life projects. 

    Build Mathematical Structure and Logic Skills:  Get students involved in logical thinking and reasoning with stimulating activities.

     Communication in Mathematics:  Engage in activities to improve your students' ability to explain orally and in writing the processes they use in performing computations. 

Materials Needed: 
1. Course Workbook (included in materials)
2. Suggested Material: TI-83+, TI-84+ or TI-83+ Silver Graphing Calculator (not included in materials)

Instructor:  Elisabeth Knowlton, PhD
Contact Instructor: or call 630-377-5035