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Multiple Intelligences and Brain-Compatible Learning in the Mathematics Classroom, Level: All

Quarter Graduate Credits: 3

Dates:  To be arranged with instructor.

Location:  Online Self-Paced

Fees:  $410 Tuition

Graduate Credit Fee (optional through Portland State University): $165 (PSU Course Number: CI 808)

Special Fee:  NONE--free Online Course Workbook


Registration: Register anytime and take up to 3 months to complete the course from time of registration. 


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Description:  Using materials based on Gardner's multiple intelligences theory, review related research and apply the theory to teaching situations.  Discover the instructional implications of the latest brain research and theories and how they relate to best practices for teaching mathematics.  Using a large collection of field-tested activities, develop lessons that initiate the primary intelligences of each student including special needs students and adult learners, and create effective patterns for learning in the Mathematics classroom. Combine theory and practice to create exciting and motivating mathematical experiences.


Offered cooperatively by Portland State University and Adventures In Education, Inc.


Materials Needed: Course Workbook: dependent on grade level (provided with course material)

Instructor: Elisabeth Knowlton, PhD

Contact Instructor: 

                                   or call 630-377-5035