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Statistics with Microsoft EXCEL, Part II


Quarter Graduate Credits: 3

Dates:  To be arranged with instructor.

Location:  Online Self-Paced

Fees:  $410 Tuition

Graduate Credit Fee (optional through Portland State University): $165 (PSU Course Number: CI 808)

Special Fee:  $40  (includes EXCEL textbook, USPS priority mailing, handling, and free Online Course Workbook)

Registration: Register anytime and take up to 3 months to complete the course from time of registration. 


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Questions:  Send email to or call 630-377-5035


Description: Use intermediate Excel skills and the Internet to enhance instruction in the statistics classroom. Topics align with NCTM Principles and Standards and Common Core State Standards and include generating random numbers; sampling and creating number series; binomial, Poisson, and hypergeometric distributions; X2 and F-distributions and tests; one/two-sample hypothesis testing; multiple regression and correlation; two-way ANOVA; permutations, combinations, percentiles, quartiles, and rank; and summary statistics. Examine national technology standards and relevance of technology in teaching and learning mathematics and statistics. Engage in interesting real-world activities that motivate all students. Offered cooperatively by Portland State University and Adventures in Education, Inc.


Materials Needed: 

1. Course Workbook (provided with materials)

2. Knowlton, E. (2011). EXCEL For Everyone: Essentials For Statistics! St. Charles, IL: Adventures In Education, Inc. (included in Special Fee) 

3. Microsoft Excel (not included in materials).


Instructor:  Elisabeth Knowlton, PhD

Contact Instructor:

                                   or call 630-377-5035